What Should We Wear? Photo session outfit tips for your family!

Great outfits will really set you up for success but can be frustrating for mammas dressing everyone in the family! Below are some tips and tricks to make it easier <3

Remember, as your photographer I am always open for snap shots of your outfit choices. I am here to provide suggestions to make sure you are prepared for your session day!

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Vallera Family Colorado Memories

If you are ever traveling to, vacationing at, or even just passing through Colorado, you should DEFINITELY consider capturing your sweet family against the glorious Rocky Mountains. 

I adore this gorgeous State I am blessed to call home, and am passionate about sharing my joy with you during your session.  We will go on a short nature walk, twirl in the fields and of course, snuggle with your loves. <3 What an amazing way to spend the early evening and, in my opinion, the best souvenir you can all enjoy for...well forever! 

The Valleras were traveling for work and I so enjoyed my time with them. Life is crazy busy with two twin boys and I am happy we were able to document some of that chaos in their session. One thing for sure, there is lots of love and patience in this sweet family. I saw it in the little things...the way dad kept looking at his wife, with a sparkle in his eye and she at him with so much adoration. Their patience with their boys,  embracing them for who they are today.  They are twins, but you can see each ones unique role in the family and how perfectly they all just mesh together. Without any expectation, they were able to relax and fully enjoy each other's company.

A photographer's dream they were <3

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My morning with the LaCroix Family

What I love about this sweet family is that they are down to earth and are morning people like me.  This is their second family session with me and both times we soaked in the morning light and enjoyed the park all to ourselves. 

I just love reconnecting with my families year after year. Kids change so much and I just love to hear the new classes they started or new crushes (always makes them smile).  Miss. C just started gymnastics so she was eager to show me all her new moves. My clients become my friends and I look forward to seeing them and loving on them with a fun experience and beautiful photos. 

Rock Ledge Ranch is one of my favorite spots, especially in the Fall. I don't photographer here frequently because, by evening, it's usually packed with people.  I was thrilled that we got to enjoy the serenity it provides in the morning. 

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Palmer Lake Colorado
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Party of 5 - The Hoag Family

A lovely afternoon with the Hoags playing in the Fall Colorado breeze! (and yes, I am just a tad behind in blogging my sessions!)

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Welcome to the World Rosalyn

Ahh there is something so special about a newborn session with brand new parents.  

Colorado Newborn Photographer

The way they look all googlie-eyed at their precious baby and how they hold them with the most of care. It's a bit different than a session with seasoned parents and other siblings in the house. Everything is fresh and new and, without littles running around, the baby has 100% attention from mom and dad. All is calm. Unfortunately, this time is a blur and that is where I come in. To capture the first days that are so incredibly fleeting. Newborns are only so tiny and sleepy for a few weeks and then everything changes!  I highly encourage you to let the household chores go and, instead, spend the moments soaking in their fresh newborn smell and soft fuzzy skin. Simply enjoy babe as she sleeps in your arms. Trust me, the house is going to be forever messy going forward, but this stage of your child's life is the shortest! They will never be this itty bitty again! 

denver newborn photographer

It's not necessary for a baby to be asleep for my newborn sessions. I embrace the awake moments as baby meets momma. 

colorado springs newborn photographer
professional newborn photographer

the little hairs on the back that will soon disappear, the wrinkly toes - all the details.

professional baby portraits

I am always thankful for the incredible honor of capturing these moments for my families. I first met mom and dad when sweet Rosalyn was still in momma's belly. They were so excited to meet her and their Mt Falcon maternity session was gorgeous! And now I had the opportunity to photograph them again, this time in their home, as they welcomed their baby girl. We had such a lovely morning of snuggles and getting to know this sweet girl. Mom is just over the moon to have her home and in her arms. Although I must say, I have never had a baby poop so much in ONE session - this girl just kept going! LOL!

palmer lake newborn photographer
creative newborn photographer

I thought the kitchen was neat and wanted to use it for some of the photos. Although it was a super cloudy day and there was not much light, I loved the moody feeling it created in these photos. It was very different from the bright and airy nursery and I love the variety it added to the gallery!

unique baby portraits

How cute is this little lace outfit? Of course it was peed and pooped on over and over - but we at least managed to get some adorable photos with her in it! 

rosalyn 9.jpg
lifestyle baby portraits
amazing newborn portraits

Welcome to the world sweet girl.

in home newborn portraits

Kyah's Senior Session

Seniors hold a special place in my heart! I love their positive outlook on life and the little sparkle they have in their eyes. I love talking to them about their career goals and to see their excitement when we talk about graduation, leaving the house and college!! 

Kyah has grown up in the same state, in the same town and in the same house her entire life! We had fun chatting about her love for theater (she works behind the scenes for her high school theater club), music (Grateful Dead fan like myself) and her love for animals. 

We did her session in Palmer Lake, her home town. We took a few by the Center for the Arts, then headed to the lake and finished up at the ice cream shop! We got so lucky with amazing weather, wild flowers and trees that were just starting to turn colors for the Fall season.  A perfect session if you ask me <3.

 I am SO excited for all that is to come for this free spirit!

kyah 1.jpg
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Welcoming Henry

Lifestyle newborn sessions are my favorite! I am passionate about capturing families in the comfort of their homes, surrounded by those that love them and things that are meaningful to them. I love how a house feels with a new baby and the relaxed environment it provides for portraits. They are the best type of sessions if you already have little ones and want to capture connection between the older kiddos with their new sibling. 

There is so much love in the Pearson home.  Many times when I photograph newborns in the home, I also have the opportunity to photograph the grandparents who are often visiting to help during the first few weeks. And as you may already know, grandparents are my favorite people. There is nothing more important to me than capturing connection between grandma and her grand babies so I was so happy to do that while I was there. 

Mom and Dad have put so much love into their home. The nursery and the kitchen were my favorite places to shoot. I love the mountain background in the nursery and the bright and airy kitchen. Both were such fun backdrops that added a personal touch to their portraits. I also like to ask my clients to buy some fresh flowers to add a bit of a color pop to the photos.  Allowing them to pick the flowers they love and shooting in their home allows for their session to be unique to them. 

Welcome to the world sweet Henry - I hope you are able to look back at these pictures and feel all the love!  

newborn home photos
newborn photographer
henry 3.jpg
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colorado newborn photographer
henry 6.jpg

Meet Jen - Holistic Empowerment Coach

Fun story about Jen. This past spring, our entire town of Palmer Lake was out of electricity from 4am to about 9am. As I was lazily hiding under my blankets with my kiddos on their tablets,  I called Jen. Of course, she already had the fire going, candles on, breakfast made and happily playing boardgames with her kiddos. This is the kind of person Jen is! 

Jen is good friend, a neighbor and one of the strongest people I know. She always has a listening year, a shoulder to cry on and her positive outlook on life is contagious. I admire her persistency, loyalty and uplifting attitude. We did this entire session with her in a "walking boot" because she broke her ankle a few weeks prior. A big chunky piece of plastic on her foot wasn't going to stop her from getting photos! 

She is momma of three littles, a massage therapist and has recently started life coaching. She wanted a few head shots and pictures to use for her social media and marketing material! We had so much fun in Palmer Lake trying out different poses and just having fun! I wanted to capture her open, and free spirited personality.

Jen is a big lover of quotes and positive sayings many that are on her Facebook page so I took some off her page to share with you here. Maybe they will lift your spirits as well! <3

"The World is A Reflection of You,

What will you Create Today?"

jrn 3.jpg

"What if there is no problem?"

jrn 2.jpg

"Perhaps the butterfly is proof that you can go through a great deal of darkness yet become something beautiful."

jrn 4.jpg

"You are Fucking Beautiful, OWN IT."

jrn 1.jpg

"Advice from a tree: Stand Tall and Proud, sink your roots deeply into the Earth"

jrn 7.jpg

"Life isn't about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself."

jrn 8.jpg

"Your soul longs to draw you into love for yourself. When you enter your soul's affection, the torment in your life ceases."

the difference between a weed and a flower is a judgement

Sunrise with the Perrys

  It's often difficult to convince my clients to do an early morning session. For most, getting the entire family ready and smiling by 7:30 am is a challenge to say the least. However, morning sessions are my absolute favorite. I am a huge morning person, sunrises make me come alive and my creativity juices are at their highest levels. 

  The morning light is  stunning and the fresh area inspires me!  I am so happy the Perry family are morning people like myself. We chose Rock Ledge Ranch for their session and while most evenings are swarmed with other families and photographers, we had the entire park to ourselves. We enjoyed a walk around and even had an opportunity to say hello to the horses and join the sheep for their morning breakfast. Rock Ledge Ranch is a working ranch with not only views of Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak but also animals, barns, trails, bridges, fences and open space.

  If you remember I photographed the Perry family this past Spring when they revealed their pregnancy! Now momma is due any day and she wanted to capture her baby bump and the connection forming between big brother A and his little brother inside! I am beyond excited for them and honored for the opportunity to capture these moments before he arrives. 

  If YOUR family is up early like mine - I highly suggest a morning session. It is so worth it.

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LeeAnne Maternity

The time before kids and after kidsis very different. In fact, I barely remember what it was like for my husband and I before we had kids. What did we used to do together? What did we talk about? It seems like our three kiddos take up much of our conversation. 

There is something special to be said for the time in your relationship before your first baby. You will never experience a time like this again. Waiting for your first child to arrive, wondering what kind of parents you will be and giggling over cute outfits. The funny part is that as soon as your little one is in your arms, all of the sudden, you can't imagine life without your precious babe. 

So, capture it! Spend time in each other's arms, enjoying those precious moments of just the two of you. Cherish the moments when little baby is just safe and warm inside as you two prepare for his/her arrival. Savor the short time of your pregnancy as it goes by so fast. Before you know it, the next chapter of parenthood begins. 

I am so excited for these two as they welcome their little one any day now <3 ! And thrilled that we were able to capture a bit of sunlight in between the clouds and storms! Mt. Falcon proved itself to be the perfect location with open spaces, mountain views and wild flowers!

leeanne 1.jpg
leeanne 2.jpg
leeanne 3.jpg
leeanne 4.jpg
leeanne 5.jpg
leeanne 6.jpg
leeanne 7.jpg
leeanne 8.jpg
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Betty + Eric's Colorado Memories

Betty and Eric are high school sweethearts and it's so easy to see that they have been together forever. They are so comfortable with each other and not afraid to get a little close and romantic as well as a bit silly.  Posing them was a breeze as they just melted into each other's arms. 

They are just like two puzzle pieces - different, but fit together perfectly! We had such a good time exploring Garden of the Gods. They are traveling from Houston for work and fun and I wanted to show them my favorite part of Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods! We had fun exploring and Betty and I had a chance to catch up! We are both ISU Class of 2007 with a bachelor's degree in International Business (neither of us doing much International Business today!). 

We met super early at 6:30 am for these photos as this was the only time they could squeeze in a photo session! I absolutely love morning sessions - the calm and the morning light is so yummy. It is so so so worth it! 

Betty 1.jpg
Betty 2.jpg
Betty 4.jpg
Betty 3.jpg
Betty 6.jpg
Betty 5.jpg
Betty 8.jpg
Betty 7.jpg
Betty 10.jpg
Betty 9.jpg
Betty 11.jpg

The cutest right!?

Cousinly Love.

Downtown Normal! My college stomping grounds - and oh man how much it has changed. Parking garages, a museum, new restraints and hotels! My favorite new addition is the colorful murals on the side of the buildings. When my sister in law Mel asked me to photograph her family and her sisters' families, I suggested downtown normal to change it up from the more nature setting we have done in the past. 

Three families - and 4 cousins under  7! We had so much fun exploring a little bit of the town and splashing in the, also brand new, splash pad with the kiddos. I just loved how the colorful walls added to the silliness and playfulness of the kiddos! 

mel 8.jpg

My sweet nephew Jack is beyond adorable! He is such a fun little guy. 

mel 14.jpg
mel 9.jpg
mel 16.jpg
mel 4.jpg

My sister in law's twin sister recently lost her husband un-expectantly and I wanted to provide her a session at no cost to encourage her to continue capturing memories in the mist of tragedy. These three ladies have gone through so much but are so blessed to have each other during this difficult time. 

mel 7.jpg

The sisterly love is strong here. These girls are always giggling together. 

mel 6.jpg
mel 13.jpg
mel 12.jpg
mel 19.jpg
mel 22.jpg
mel 5.jpg

They also have a younger sister who has the cutest little girl. She was full of smiles and loved being in front my camera!

mel 11.jpg
mel 10.jpg
mel 3.jpg
mel 2.jpg
mel 1.jpg
mel 21.jpg

An evening with the Cannons.

When Valerie and I were planning her family's session location, she suggested her home. I am so happy we decided on a in home session as it was the best way to capture her two wild boys. Yes there home not only provided a safe place for them to be their happy selves, but also literally contained them as they bounced off the walls ;) - what do you expect from two boys under 4! We ran around jumping from one activity to another, because, let's get real, nothing kept their interest for more than 2 minutes. 

Mom and Dad were amazing, fully embracing the chaos and enjoying their kiddos for who they are today!  Dad, especially (because most guys just loose patience, my husband included) was extra awesome sauce for the shoulder rides, wagon pulls and overall getting down on his knees submerged in play with his kiddos. It's so lovely to see families like this! 

We made some brownies (that no one ate, and opted for popsicles instead), took four wheeler rides, chalked in the front lawn, played on the swing set and so many more things in between. These boys are none stop energy and sure keep their folks on their toes!  You will never hear me complain, I was also rolling with it, capturing all the joy and having fun myself. I am a sucker for authentic happiness! So, yes boys, please DO jump on the couch, and drive your parents crazy! ;) 

ENJOY the photos!

cannon 17.jpg
cannon 19.jpg
cannon 1.jpg
cannon 2.jpg
cannon 3.jpg
cannon 4.jpg
cannon 5.jpg
cannon 7.jpg
cannon 6.jpg
cannon 8.jpg
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The Acello Crew

Jen and I have known each other since high school and even share the same birthday. If you told me back then she has 6 kids UNDER 9, I would have never believed you. I gotta say, her and her hubby BJ are doing something right because ALL the kiddos were absolutely delightful and we all had a blast during their session. 

Since they live close to Lake Michigan (and natural water is hard to come by in Colorado), we decided a beach session would be perfect. We took a few photos at the top before heading down by the water. Of course, It wasn't long before the kids were fully submerged in the lake, splashing and enjoying each other. I loved that the parents didn't care as it made for super fun photos and natural smiles! A session is not only a time to capture memories, but a time ACTUALLY make them :)! I am sure none of these kids will ever forget swimming with their "nice clothes" on. The water freed them to be the crazy goofy kiddos that they are. 

Each kiddo has such a unique personality and through out the session I could feel the comfort and belongingness they all share. They are so lucky to have each other.  Thank you Jen for the wonderful honor of photographing your gorgeous family!!!