Vallera Family Colorado Memories

If you are ever traveling to, vacationing at, or even just passing through Colorado, you should DEFINITELY consider capturing your sweet family against the glorious Rocky Mountains. 

I adore this gorgeous State I am blessed to call home, and am passionate about sharing my joy with you during your session.  We will go on a short nature walk, twirl in the fields and of course, snuggle with your loves. <3 What an amazing way to spend the early evening and, in my opinion, the best souvenir you can all enjoy for...well forever! 

The Valleras were traveling for work and I so enjoyed my time with them. Life is crazy busy with two twin boys and I am happy we were able to document some of that chaos in their session. One thing for sure, there is lots of love and patience in this sweet family. I saw it in the little things...the way dad kept looking at his wife, with a sparkle in his eye and she at him with so much adoration. Their patience with their boys,  embracing them for who they are today.  They are twins, but you can see each ones unique role in the family and how perfectly they all just mesh together. Without any expectation, they were able to relax and fully enjoy each other's company.

A photographer's dream they were <3

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My morning with the LaCroix Family

What I love about this sweet family is that they are down to earth and are morning people like me.  This is their second family session with me and both times we soaked in the morning light and enjoyed the park all to ourselves. 

I just love reconnecting with my families year after year. Kids change so much and I just love to hear the new classes they started or new crushes (always makes them smile).  Miss. C just started gymnastics so she was eager to show me all her new moves. My clients become my friends and I look forward to seeing them and loving on them with a fun experience and beautiful photos. 

Rock Ledge Ranch is one of my favorite spots, especially in the Fall. I don't photographer here frequently because, by evening, it's usually packed with people.  I was thrilled that we got to enjoy the serenity it provides in the morning. 

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Palmer Lake Colorado
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Party of 5 - The Hoag Family

A lovely afternoon with the Hoags playing in the Fall Colorado breeze! (and yes, I am just a tad behind in blogging my sessions!)

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LeeAnne Maternity

The time before kids and after kidsis very different. In fact, I barely remember what it was like for my husband and I before we had kids. What did we used to do together? What did we talk about? It seems like our three kiddos take up much of our conversation. 

There is something special to be said for the time in your relationship before your first baby. You will never experience a time like this again. Waiting for your first child to arrive, wondering what kind of parents you will be and giggling over cute outfits. The funny part is that as soon as your little one is in your arms, all of the sudden, you can't imagine life without your precious babe. 

So, capture it! Spend time in each other's arms, enjoying those precious moments of just the two of you. Cherish the moments when little baby is just safe and warm inside as you two prepare for his/her arrival. Savor the short time of your pregnancy as it goes by so fast. Before you know it, the next chapter of parenthood begins. 

I am so excited for these two as they welcome their little one any day now <3 ! And thrilled that we were able to capture a bit of sunlight in between the clouds and storms! Mt. Falcon proved itself to be the perfect location with open spaces, mountain views and wild flowers!

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Meet the Glashagels.

We just got back from visiting family in Illinois where we have been for the past month! While we were there I had the opportunity to photograph a few families, the Glashagels being one of them. Sara and I attended the same high school (class of 2003) and even the same university (class of 2007), but didn't connect till recently, when, through mutual friends, we discovered we are both professional photographers! When I mentioned we were coming home, she contacted me to photograph her family and I suggested a trade! 

Here are a few of my favorites from our session at one of my favorite places in Illinois - Lake Minear Beach! (Photo Credit: Cameron Walter Photography)

She is a momma of two under two, and it's no easy task to get her whole family dressed and ready and out in 90 degree weather for portraits. We took a few at one of there favorite places the Hiram Butrick Sawmill in Antioch and then cooled off with ice cream at the end of their session. The kids loved stuffing there faces which made for some super fun photos. It was so good to see her and meet her sweet family. <3

sara 10.jpg

Pictures in your home.

Who was the photographer in your family growing up? Do you have a lot of pictures of your childhood? Do you remember your picture being taken? Looking back at your old family albums, which pictures standout most to you. Why do they? 

My dad was our family photographer. We don't have many photos of our childhood, but all the photos we have when we were little, he took. There are not many photos of my younger years and I don't have any memories of my photos being taken. I do remember us having a dark room and cherish the few black and white images that we do have. I recently looked through our old family photos and this photo stands out to me. This one was taken before I was born, and was taken in Russia of my brother and my mom. This little picture means so much to me! But, at the time, my mom remembers being annoyed of my dad randomly taking pictures. She did not understand why this moment of her taking a second to relax was so important that it needed capturing. Today, 30 some years later, it is this photo that she also loves. Something about the wall paper (which I btw am in love with and want in my house!), the lamp shade, and the imperfectness of the moment. My mom, a busy pediatrician finally having a second to herself to read, while my brother, a typical boy, making all the noise he can to distract her. Thirty years later, I relate to her in this photo. The desperate NEED for "me time" and little demanding bodies that refuse to give it to you. But also, how fleeting this time is. Now, us kids are grown, with families of our own, and this photo, nothing but a memory. I am so happy my dad chose to capture it. 

This photo takes me right to that moment. I love it more than all the other "sit and smile" photos my dad took. This little photo reminds me of the significance of what I do, and where I want to go with my photography. I want to document my clients in this way. Often times my clients are concerned about what their house looks like, and do not see the importance of lifestyle/documentary sessions in their home, WITH their children. Yet it is these photos that I believe will matter most and that will stand out amongst the perfect posed family portraits that you think are the ones you will cherish.

I want to capture families in this way. In their home, with people, pets and things that are important to them. It seems that this life will last forever as we are today, but we know that it will not. The "ordinary" of today will be nothing but a memory of the past. Allow me to capture it. Your children will thank you. 


A patriotic Mommy and Me session

Have I mentioned recently how much I love being a photographer? I love working with families and kids. I love getting to know them and their story! I love capturing memories for them. Gah! I just love my job! This amazing family is  one of the reasons I love it so. 

Momma wanted some photos with her girlies to send to daddy while he is deployed in Afghanistan. She, too, was in the Army before she was a stay home momma. Both are helicopter pilots! Let's just stop here for a moment...I thought this was so amazing! I love asking stay at home mommas what they did before they had kids, and I never expected "oh fly helicopters" to be an answer. No one would ever trust me with that type of equipment lol! 

While I typically bribe kids with skittles and other unhealthy sugary things, this healthy momma brought a slew of snacks to bribe kids with without any sugar! So mommas, take tips - if you want to bribe your kids without sugar it is possible!!! She had plantain chips, nuts, crackers, dried fruits and so much more to keep her girlies energetic and happy. So when I asked Miss. E: "if you were swimming in a pool, would you rather swim in a pool full of marshmallows or m&ms?" I had to tweak to a healthier version of "honey or dried fruits" because Miss. E gave me the deer in the headlights look having  no clue what those things were! 

Another reason (out of so many) why I fell in love with these three is their love for this country! Both mom and dad having fought for our freedoms and these kiddos living without daddy while he is out serving our country made me proud to be their photographer. So many families sacrificing so much for my family's freedom! So many mommas (and daddies!) working around the clock caring for their children alone while the other parent is across the world protecting our country. Momma bought some flags, pretty red white and blue themed dresses and accessories which made for lovely pictures to send to dad!

I hoped he loved him as much as I did! 

Micah's smash cake!

Yay! Its finally Spring weather and I am a busy photographer bee and loving all the moments I am capturing. Recently I photographed a smash cake session for Sir Micah's first birthday! Then we walked around Rock Ledge Ranch and got a few more family photos.

Michaela and Andrew are young, beautiful and oh so in love.  They just adore their sweet baby. Michaela put so much thought into this session! The banner, the dapper onesie Micah is wearing during his family portraits are all her creative work! They also invited grandma who was the best photography assistant I have had. All these Micah smiles are all thanks to her! I was happy we were able to get a few photos of her and, as she calls him ,"my favorite person." She has a beautiful voice and together we were singing Adelle and dancing and doing whatever it took to make this like guy happy! He was ready for a nap, but came through with the loveliest of smiles and it was all thanks to her!  Grandparents are great to bring to sessions, they are always there to help and it is so important to get them in the frame as well. Micah will treasure these photos with Grandma when he is older.

So mom, being a good mom that she is, has never given Micah sugar in the past. When we placed this huge cake in front of him, he had no idea what to do with it. A few bites here and there and he was pretty much done, not impressed with all the sweetness placed in front of him. We had to get creative and smear some cake on his face and legs!. He eventually dug in and had a few bites, but was much more looking forward to nursing! 

Happy 1st Birthday "Scoots"! You are lucky to have such caring and loving people around you. :) Here are my favorites from his session.