LeeAnne Maternity

The time before kids and after kidsis very different. In fact, I barely remember what it was like for my husband and I before we had kids. What did we used to do together? What did we talk about? It seems like our three kiddos take up much of our conversation. 

There is something special to be said for the time in your relationship before your first baby. You will never experience a time like this again. Waiting for your first child to arrive, wondering what kind of parents you will be and giggling over cute outfits. The funny part is that as soon as your little one is in your arms, all of the sudden, you can't imagine life without your precious babe. 

So, capture it! Spend time in each other's arms, enjoying those precious moments of just the two of you. Cherish the moments when little baby is just safe and warm inside as you two prepare for his/her arrival. Savor the short time of your pregnancy as it goes by so fast. Before you know it, the next chapter of parenthood begins. 

I am so excited for these two as they welcome their little one any day now <3 ! And thrilled that we were able to capture a bit of sunlight in between the clouds and storms! Mt. Falcon proved itself to be the perfect location with open spaces, mountain views and wild flowers!

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