What Should We Wear? Photo session outfit tips for your family!

You scheduled your session and even got your spouse on board! Way to go! That is no small feat and I am so excited to capture all the love and moments during your session. There is just one more thing to do and that is choosing outfits.

My style of photography is focused on connection, emotion and movement. That is why I typically don’t put a huge emphasis on clothes. My goal is that you are comfortable to move and have fun with your family. I also want you to pick clothing that matches your personality and family’s style. Below are simple guidelines when choosing clothing items. The goal is to choose items that do not distract from your beautiful smiles. I want your clothing to flatter your body type so you are comfortable to twirl and throw your kiddos in the air and then lay and cuddle with your family.

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When Choosing Outfits for your Family

  • Use a color scheme instead of everyone wearing the same color. Consider using a color palette of coordinating colors instead of all wearing the same color. This will create a timeless look!

  • Which colors to wear. When choosing a color scheme for your family’s photos, look around your home and see what colors you are already using to decorate. After all, these photos will be adorning your walls soon and you want them to coordinate with your home decor. Most of the time the way you decorate or the clothes you already have will reveal to you the colors you love. Another idea is to find an outfit that looks amazing on you and use the colors in your outfit to coordinate everyone else.

  • Consider mix and matching textures. Lace, wool, corduroy and embroidery. Play around with textures to add dimension and interest to your photos.

  • Long maxi/flowy dresses photograph beautifully on all women. You may not be a dress person day to day. But I tend to think that these type of dresses look gorgeous on all women and all body types. They bring a more romantic feel to the photos and add additional movement and flow.

  • Play around with layers. boots, hats, cardigans, jackets, scarfs, hair accessories and jewelry! Have fun adding your own style to your session. This is also a great way to add pops of color to your portrait.

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  • For little girls, add a little hair bow, for boys maybe some suspenders or a hat. This helps add a timeless feel to your photos and a great way to add a pop of color for some fun!

  • Kids. Kids look cute in anything! For children’s portraits have fun mix and matching rain boots with tutus or bow ties with suspenders. Bright colors, mixed and matched patterns work really well on kiddos and show off their personalities!

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  • Dress for the season. Trust me! You will be more comfortable and your photos will show it! Hats and cute jackets and vests look amazing for a cozy winter shoot. Layers are your best friend! It’s a great way to switch up the look in your portraits and feel comfortable at the same time!

  • Hair and Make Up. Most days I am a pony tail and no make up girl. But for a photo session, I do suggest full make up and hair for you mamma. Give yourself a little pampering and have fun with it, consider hiring a hair and make up artist. Maybe go out to a nice dinner after your session. It will be fun and you will never regret getting a little fancy!

  • In Home Sessions. For in home sessions, I always suggest more neutral and muted colors to avoid creating color casts on skin. Consider wearing something that covers your arms. Many times you have your baby pressed up right against you and that can be unflattering to your arms.

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  • Super bright colors. Bright colors cause color casts under your chin and the skin of people next to you. Consider a more muted version of that color.

  • Thin stripes. Thin stripes create a moire pattern in photos and can be very distracting.

  • Clothing with logos, characters, words. Sometimes words can be fun and used in a way that shows off a person’s personality especially on a child. But many times it can be distracting and take away from your beautiful faces and the connection. If you want to wear a shirt with words, consider bringing another one to change it up!

  • Clothes that are too tight. We go on walks, jump, sit, lay and twirl in my sessions. Please avoid super tight clothing. You will be uncomfortable, and it will show in your photos.

  • Clothes that are too big. Clothes that are too big tend to bunch up and can be very unflattering to any body type.

  • Uncomfortable shoes. If I could, I’d have you barefoot the entire session. I love the more natural look and I am obsessed with little baby feet! So consider flat shoes that are comfy and can be easily taken off!

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Look through your closet first! You will be surprised that you already have items you can start with and just buy a few things to complete the look.

Running around searching for outfits can be super stressful! I typically start at stores likes TJMAXX, Ross, Burlington Coat Factory, Marshalls because I know I will get the biggest bang for my buck and I love the variety! These type of stores are hit and miss, so if you hate shopping they may not be the best option for you. But the best part is, when you do find something, it is usually half the price tag! Many times I find something for the entire family, they have tons of kids clothes. I like to go on a weekday when it’s not as busy, grab a coffee and just browse.
I have also found amazing clothes on Amazon by simply searching for what I am looking for. Online shopping can also be super successful or a major fail, so read the reviews and look through all the photos people post.
Stores like Old Navy, H&M, Forever 21, Rue 21 and Target are also fabulous options and are easy on the wallet.
Sometimes, I splurge a little on something I will love for years to come from stores like Anthropolgie, Free People and Spell Designs. I also love the kids clothes at Harlow Jade Designs.

Now that you have all the outfits picked out, sit back and relax mamma! I got you and your family from here!