What Should We Wear? Photo session outfit tips for your family!

Great outfits will really set you up for success but can be frustrating for mammas dressing everyone in the family! Below are some tips and tricks to make it easier <3

Remember, as your photographer I am always open for snap shots of your outfit choices. I am here to provide suggestions to make sure you are prepared for your session day!

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Vallera Family Colorado Memories

If you are ever traveling to, vacationing at, or even just passing through Colorado, you should DEFINITELY consider capturing your sweet family against the glorious Rocky Mountains. 

I adore this gorgeous State I am blessed to call home, and am passionate about sharing my joy with you during your session.  We will go on a short nature walk, twirl in the fields and of course, snuggle with your loves. <3 What an amazing way to spend the early evening and, in my opinion, the best souvenir you can all enjoy for...well forever! 

The Valleras were traveling for work and I so enjoyed my time with them. Life is crazy busy with two twin boys and I am happy we were able to document some of that chaos in their session. One thing for sure, there is lots of love and patience in this sweet family. I saw it in the little things...the way dad kept looking at his wife, with a sparkle in his eye and she at him with so much adoration. Their patience with their boys,  embracing them for who they are today.  They are twins, but you can see each ones unique role in the family and how perfectly they all just mesh together. Without any expectation, they were able to relax and fully enjoy each other's company.

A photographer's dream they were <3

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An evening with the Cannons.

When Valerie and I were planning her family's session location, she suggested her home. I am so happy we decided on a in home session as it was the best way to capture her two wild boys. Yes there home not only provided a safe place for them to be their happy selves, but also literally contained them as they bounced off the walls ;) - what do you expect from two boys under 4! We ran around jumping from one activity to another, because, let's get real, nothing kept their interest for more than 2 minutes. 

Mom and Dad were amazing, fully embracing the chaos and enjoying their kiddos for who they are today!  Dad, especially (because most guys just loose patience, my husband included) was extra awesome sauce for the shoulder rides, wagon pulls and overall getting down on his knees submerged in play with his kiddos. It's so lovely to see families like this! 

We made some brownies (that no one ate, and opted for popsicles instead), took four wheeler rides, chalked in the front lawn, played on the swing set and so many more things in between. These boys are none stop energy and sure keep their folks on their toes!  You will never hear me complain, I was also rolling with it, capturing all the joy and having fun myself. I am a sucker for authentic happiness! So, yes boys, please DO jump on the couch, and drive your parents crazy! ;) 

ENJOY the photos!

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cannon 19.jpg
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My Kids this Spring

Yes, being a photographer, I take a lot of pictures of my kids. I take pictures of them every single day. But very rarely do I buy them all matching outfits, plan props and take them out at golden hour to take "real" portraits of them. I consider myself more of a documentary/lifestyle photographer, and typically prefer just to capture my kiddos in the everyday. But there is something about Spring, that makes me want to dress them up and capture them in the golden light.

My kids are my favorite subjects to photograph. I know how to make them laugh and give me natural expressions. I know how they interact with each other so I can capture them sharing authentic connections. And they know that it will only take 30 min and mom will buy them ice cream after it is all done!  They also enjoy the fact that I never make them "stand and smile" or do anything they wouldn't normally do. I photograph them as they are and never when they don't want to be photographed. 

Their favorite part of me taking their picture, is seeing them printed and displayed in our home or in an album. They love sitting together and looking through the photos pointing out "that's me when I ..."  Printing my images helps them see why I do what I do and gives them a little more patience while I do it. <3

I hope you enjoy these portraits of my kids this Springs :) <3

A challenge for Mother's Day.

In 20 years from now when your kiddos are looking through the photos of their childhood what are they going to see?

Digital cell phone pictures of them as they scroll through hard drives and memory cards? Portraits from school picture day? Maybe a few family photos of everyone looking and smiling at the camera in their Sunday best? Those photos are good to have, but do they really show your family's true personalities? Do they truly document your time together and the bond you share with each other? Most importantly, are YOU in the photos at all? 

I get it! Almost everyone today has a nice camera. Even cell phones are producing amazing quality images. Selfies are great but they don't capture the real you, FULLY.  As a professional photographer, I strive to capture authenticity. The moment when you and your kids are at ease, comfortable in each other's company. That is the moment that is so difficult to capture yourself. These are the moments I am so passionate about getting for you. These are the images I want your kids to look at 20 years from now. Printed in a gorgeous album for them to see and pass down to their kids. That is what professional photography is all about. 

With mother's day coming up, I am challenging myself to allow someone else to photograph me. Photograph me alone and with my children. I want each one of my kiddos to have a photo of themselves with their mom. These photos I think will be treasured the most once they are older. Once I am no longer here. I challenge you to do the same.

Grab your kiddos and lets go get some ice cream. Or maybe some cotton candy! Lets get our nails done or go on a hike. Maybe some retail therapy? Whatever it is you enjoy doing with your children, let me capture these moments for you! Your kiddos will thank you some day.