Party of 5 - The Hoag Family

It was so nice to see the Hoag family again and spend a warm Fall afternoon playing in the Colorado breeze. They remind me of my family, with three small kiddos, 2 girls and 1 boy!

Parents often have a little anxiety about photo sessions, worrying their kids will misbehave and it will be crazy and chaotic. And it's true, your kids most likely will misbehave! Did you know NORMAL kids misbehave every 3-5 minutes? And more often than not, things get crazy and chaotic. And its OKAY! Let's just embrace the crazy! Let's forget about what society wants you to be like and allow me to document your beautiful, messy, imperfectly perfect chaos! Lets run, play games, be silly and capture what life is like for you today. Your kids will enjoy their time and the smiles come with it! You will have a good time and your photos will be so much better than if we forced smiles with threats. No stress! 

I will not put your kiddos in a mold and make them do something they don't want to. I will engage, interact to bring out their true personalities. I am passionate about providing you images that celebrate each family member for who they are! I want you mamma to see, that what you have TODAY - may not be what you think as perfect, but it's SO much more than that.  It's you, surrounded by the ones you love most. 

Hope you enjoy!

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