Betty + Eric's Colorado Memories

Betty and Eric are high school sweethearts and it's so easy to see that they have been together forever. They are so comfortable with each other and not afraid to get a little close and romantic as well as a bit silly.  Posing them was a breeze as they just melted into each other's arms. 

They are just like two puzzle pieces - different, but fit together perfectly! We had such a good time exploring Garden of the Gods. They are traveling from Houston for work and fun and I wanted to show them my favorite part of Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods! We had fun exploring and Betty and I had a chance to catch up! We are both ISU Class of 2007 with a bachelor's degree in International Business (neither of us doing much International Business today!). 

We met super early at 6:30 am for these photos as this was the only time they could squeeze in a photo session! I absolutely love morning sessions - the calm and the morning light is so yummy. It is so so so worth it! 

Betty 1.jpg
Betty 2.jpg
Betty 4.jpg
Betty 3.jpg
Betty 6.jpg
Betty 5.jpg
Betty 8.jpg
Betty 7.jpg
Betty 10.jpg
Betty 9.jpg
Betty 11.jpg

The cutest right!?