What Should We Wear? Photo session outfit tips for your family!

Great outfits will really set you up for success but can be frustrating for mammas dressing everyone in the family! Below are some tips and tricks to make it easier <3

Remember, as your photographer I am always open for snap shots of your outfit choices. I am here to provide suggestions to make sure you are prepared for your session day!

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Sunrise with the Perrys

  It's often difficult to convince my clients to do an early morning session. For most, getting the entire family ready and smiling by 7:30 am is a challenge to say the least. However, morning sessions are my absolute favorite. I am a huge morning person, sunrises make me come alive and my creativity juices are at their highest levels. 

  The morning light is  stunning and the fresh area inspires me!  I am so happy the Perry family are morning people like myself. We chose Rock Ledge Ranch for their session and while most evenings are swarmed with other families and photographers, we had the entire park to ourselves. We enjoyed a walk around and even had an opportunity to say hello to the horses and join the sheep for their morning breakfast. Rock Ledge Ranch is a working ranch with not only views of Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak but also animals, barns, trails, bridges, fences and open space.

  If you remember I photographed the Perry family this past Spring when they revealed their pregnancy! Now momma is due any day and she wanted to capture her baby bump and the connection forming between big brother A and his little brother inside! I am beyond excited for them and honored for the opportunity to capture these moments before he arrives. 

  If YOUR family is up early like mine - I highly suggest a morning session. It is so worth it.

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Betty + Eric's Colorado Memories

Betty and Eric are high school sweethearts and it's so easy to see that they have been together forever. They are so comfortable with each other and not afraid to get a little close and romantic as well as a bit silly.  Posing them was a breeze as they just melted into each other's arms. 

They are just like two puzzle pieces - different, but fit together perfectly! We had such a good time exploring Garden of the Gods. They are traveling from Houston for work and fun and I wanted to show them my favorite part of Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods! We had fun exploring and Betty and I had a chance to catch up! We are both ISU Class of 2007 with a bachelor's degree in International Business (neither of us doing much International Business today!). 

We met super early at 6:30 am for these photos as this was the only time they could squeeze in a photo session! I absolutely love morning sessions - the calm and the morning light is so yummy. It is so so so worth it! 

Betty 1.jpg
Betty 2.jpg
Betty 4.jpg
Betty 3.jpg
Betty 6.jpg
Betty 5.jpg
Betty 8.jpg
Betty 7.jpg
Betty 10.jpg
Betty 9.jpg
Betty 11.jpg

The cutest right!?

Cousinly Love.

Downtown Normal! My college stomping grounds - and oh man how much it has changed. Parking garages, a museum, new restraints and hotels! My favorite new addition is the colorful murals on the side of the buildings. When my sister in law Mel asked me to photograph her family and her sisters' families, I suggested downtown normal to change it up from the more nature setting we have done in the past. 

Three families - and 4 cousins under  7! We had so much fun exploring a little bit of the town and splashing in the, also brand new, splash pad with the kiddos. I just loved how the colorful walls added to the silliness and playfulness of the kiddos! 

mel 8.jpg

My sweet nephew Jack is beyond adorable! He is such a fun little guy. 

mel 14.jpg
mel 9.jpg
mel 16.jpg
mel 4.jpg

My sister in law's twin sister recently lost her husband un-expectantly and I wanted to provide her a session at no cost to encourage her to continue capturing memories in the mist of tragedy. These three ladies have gone through so much but are so blessed to have each other during this difficult time. 

mel 7.jpg

The sisterly love is strong here. These girls are always giggling together. 

mel 6.jpg
mel 13.jpg
mel 12.jpg
mel 19.jpg
mel 22.jpg
mel 5.jpg

They also have a younger sister who has the cutest little girl. She was full of smiles and loved being in front my camera!

mel 11.jpg
mel 10.jpg
mel 3.jpg
mel 2.jpg
mel 1.jpg
mel 21.jpg

An evening with the Cannons.

When Valerie and I were planning her family's session location, she suggested her home. I am so happy we decided on a in home session as it was the best way to capture her two wild boys. Yes there home not only provided a safe place for them to be their happy selves, but also literally contained them as they bounced off the walls ;) - what do you expect from two boys under 4! We ran around jumping from one activity to another, because, let's get real, nothing kept their interest for more than 2 minutes. 

Mom and Dad were amazing, fully embracing the chaos and enjoying their kiddos for who they are today!  Dad, especially (because most guys just loose patience, my husband included) was extra awesome sauce for the shoulder rides, wagon pulls and overall getting down on his knees submerged in play with his kiddos. It's so lovely to see families like this! 

We made some brownies (that no one ate, and opted for popsicles instead), took four wheeler rides, chalked in the front lawn, played on the swing set and so many more things in between. These boys are none stop energy and sure keep their folks on their toes!  You will never hear me complain, I was also rolling with it, capturing all the joy and having fun myself. I am a sucker for authentic happiness! So, yes boys, please DO jump on the couch, and drive your parents crazy! ;) 

ENJOY the photos!

cannon 17.jpg
cannon 19.jpg
cannon 1.jpg
cannon 2.jpg
cannon 3.jpg
cannon 4.jpg
cannon 5.jpg
cannon 7.jpg
cannon 6.jpg
cannon 8.jpg
cannon 20.jpg
cannon 21.jpg
cannon 22.jpg
cannon 9.jpg
cannon 10.jpg
cannon 11.jpg
cannon 12.jpg
cannon 13.jpg
cannon 14.jpg




The Acello Crew

Jen and I have known each other since high school and even share the same birthday. If you told me back then she has 6 kids UNDER 9, I would have never believed you. I gotta say, her and her hubby BJ are doing something right because ALL the kiddos were absolutely delightful and we all had a blast during their session. 

Since they live close to Lake Michigan (and natural water is hard to come by in Colorado), we decided a beach session would be perfect. We took a few photos at the top before heading down by the water. Of course, It wasn't long before the kids were fully submerged in the lake, splashing and enjoying each other. I loved that the parents didn't care as it made for super fun photos and natural smiles! A session is not only a time to capture memories, but a time ACTUALLY make them :)! I am sure none of these kids will ever forget swimming with their "nice clothes" on. The water freed them to be the crazy goofy kiddos that they are. 

Each kiddo has such a unique personality and through out the session I could feel the comfort and belongingness they all share. They are so lucky to have each other.  Thank you Jen for the wonderful honor of photographing your gorgeous family!!!