Your photo session according to your enneagram

Have you heard of the Enneagram? There is so much info on the internet now and I find it fascinating honestly and love the way it helps me understand myself, but also my husband, my kids and all my friends and family. Basically, it’s a personality test - but it focuses more on your core motivations and fears.

enneagram personality test photography

The difference between the Enneagram and other tests is that with other tests your personality can change over time, but with the enneagram , you are typically the same type your entire life but can move from unhealthy to average to healthy as you discover more about yourself.

My favorite test is YOURENNEAGRAMCOACH. Once you find out your type you can search for it on Instagram or Google to get more information about your specific type.

I thought I would have a little fun and show you how each type would approach a photo session by the Enneagram type that they are. <3

Side note - The photos on this blog are just for fun! It is really not good to type other people as you don’t truly know their core motivations. I am not trying to “TYPE” my clients but just wanted to have fun with the enneagram. Although wouldn’t it be great to know what TYPE each person is in your life is so you know how to approach them?

Enneagram 1 - The Perfectionist

  • Books session 3-6 months in advance. Wants the perfect time for a golden hour session in the mountains.

  • All family members are coordinating with accessories to match.

  • Asks for face swaps to get that perfect family photo.

  • Uses a laser level to hang portraits on the walls

colorado family photographer

Enneagram 2 - The Helper!

  • Wanted a family portrait, but decided that grandma/grandpa have to be there too. And probably should invite the cousins. We need a big family photo! Fur babies included. Tries to accommodate 15 peoples’ schedule for a session date.

  • Family is dressed and ready, while they are putting make up / tie on in the car.

  • Wants the photos with everyone cuddling and kissing each other.

  • Can be mistaken for my photo assistant because they are so helpful during the session.

  • Apologizing for their kiddos crazy behavior.


Enneagram 3 - The Achiever!

  • Wants the premium package, with stylist and hair and make up.

  • Stylish outfit, with accessories to match.

  • Kids are wearing boutique / hand made outfits.

  • Requests the Garden of the Gods location or another popular location.

  • Hangs photos all over the walls and talks about me to all her friends.

colorado springs lifestyle photographer

Enneagram 4 - The Individual!

  • Wants an “Edgar Ellen Poe” or “Super Hero” themed session.

  • Prefers soulful/serious expressions over fake/forced smiles.

  • Wants to look unique and different than any other family ‘s photo

  • Doesn’t want “just smiling photos” but more “emotional expressions”

  • Wants a unique location no one has ever been to.

colorado newborn photographer

Enneagram 5 - The Thinker!

  • Realizes the last time they took family photos was 10 years ago. e-mails to schedule a session.

  • Secretly wonders if it is possible to be photoshopped into the existing photo they have of everyone else in the family but them.

  • Also wonders why it is really necessary to take photos every year?

  • Why is she asking me so many questions? Why is she asking me to smile?

Enneagram 6 - The Loyal Guardian!

  • Schedules a session but isn’t fully sure if I am really the best photographer/best deal.

  • Secretly wonders why I am posing her a certain way or putting them in certain locations.

  • Falls in love with me and hires me for all her photography needs going forward because she is loyal.

Enneagram 7 - The Optimist!

  • Wakes up and decides it would be a good idea to do a photo session. Calls me to see if I have any afternoon availability.

  • Wants a Colorado session on a sandy beach with mountains

  • And waterfalls

  • Maybe we can do a scuba diving session

  • Or maybe fly to Iceland.

  • Settles for a camping session

Colorado Family Photographer

Enneagram 8 - The Protector!

  • Before booking, lots of questions!

    • Can I see your contract

    • Do you use organic baby swaddles for newborn sessions

  • Sends me a PINTEREST board of the poses she wants.

  • Doesn’t want the kissing photos (I maker them kiss anyway!)

  • Loves the kissing photos!!

Lifestyle family photographer

Enneagram 9 - The Peacemaker

  • Never got around to the Holiday Card, maybe I’ll do a Valentine’s One? Probably not.

  • Just tell me when to show up and what to wear and what to do.

  • Has so much fun at the session and wonders why she has never done it earlier.

  • Takes a nap after

  • Forgets to order their photos. (I’ll reminder her!)

small business photographer

So I am a 2 - and, if you took the time to take the quick test, I would love to hear your type in comments. Do you connect with your results?