Meet Milana

Photo Credit:  TM Dexter Photography

Photo Credit: TM Dexter Photography

I did not grow up in a family that encourage creativity. Nevertheless, I was born to be creative.

During my college years I had the privilege to study abroad and travel around the world. I was thirsty for adventure and my travels inspired me to pick up a camera. I was in awe by the women, dressed in colorful burkas, sipping mint tea in Marrakesh and Spanish women wearing their "traje de Flaminca" outfits during Andalucia's Ferias (festivals). Traveling allowed me to fall in love with humanity and photography nourished my deep curiosity of our world's diversity. It is through my travels that I discovered my photographic style. My love for all things colorful like the art of Gustav Klimt and the architecture of Antoni Gaudi as well as handmade jewelry and clothing by local artisans. It was the culture around me that inspired my vision.

Today, it is the joy of motherhood that keeps my camera glued to my eye. Attempting to freeze dimply fingers and tiny toes that grow so quickly. This time in my life is truly fleeting and my camera helps me to slow it down. My motherhood journey is full of beauty, movement and color. It's in the poetic words and pictures of children's books like Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein. It's in the colors of my picturesque town of Palmer Lake, and the ever-changing forests of Colorado. I am blessed to call these mountains my home and capture my clients in this breathtaking state.

It is the human element I am most passionate about and it is the human spirit that I capture through my lens. Every person and every family has a story. One that is unique and deserves to be celebrated, remembered and passed down. I would love the privilege to get to know and document yours.

Color, light and movement continues to define my style today. My goal is to capture connection and the relationship you share with your loved ones. Every photo session is customized to you! It is your time to relax and savor the moments with each other. It would be an honor to be seen as your family historian and to grow with your children. There is nothing that brings me more joy than knowing they will be enjoying these photos and thumbing through the albums for years to come.