My Kids this Spring

Yes, being a photographer, I take a lot of pictures of my kids. I take pictures of them every single day. But very rarely do I buy them all matching outfits, plan props and take them out at golden hour to take "real" portraits of them. I consider myself more of a documentary/lifestyle photographer, and typically prefer just to capture my kiddos in the everyday. But there is something about Spring, that makes me want to dress them up and capture them in the golden light.

My kids are my favorite subjects to photograph. I know how to make them laugh and give me natural expressions. I know how they interact with each other so I can capture them sharing authentic connections. And they know that it will only take 30 min and mom will buy them ice cream after it is all done!  They also enjoy the fact that I never make them "stand and smile" or do anything they wouldn't normally do. I photograph them as they are and never when they don't want to be photographed. 

Their favorite part of me taking their picture, is seeing them printed and displayed in our home or in an album. They love sitting together and looking through the photos pointing out "that's me when I ..."  Printing my images helps them see why I do what I do and gives them a little more patience while I do it. <3

I hope you enjoy these portraits of my kids this Springs :) <3

A patriotic Mommy and Me session

Have I mentioned recently how much I love being a photographer? I love working with families and kids. I love getting to know them and their story! I love capturing memories for them. Gah! I just love my job! This amazing family is  one of the reasons I love it so. 

Momma wanted some photos with her girlies to send to daddy while he is deployed in Afghanistan. She, too, was in the Army before she was a stay home momma. Both are helicopter pilots! Let's just stop here for a moment...I thought this was so amazing! I love asking stay at home mommas what they did before they had kids, and I never expected "oh fly helicopters" to be an answer. No one would ever trust me with that type of equipment lol! 

While I typically bribe kids with skittles and other unhealthy sugary things, this healthy momma brought a slew of snacks to bribe kids with without any sugar! So mommas, take tips - if you want to bribe your kids without sugar it is possible!!! She had plantain chips, nuts, crackers, dried fruits and so much more to keep her girlies energetic and happy. So when I asked Miss. E: "if you were swimming in a pool, would you rather swim in a pool full of marshmallows or m&ms?" I had to tweak to a healthier version of "honey or dried fruits" because Miss. E gave me the deer in the headlights look having  no clue what those things were! 

Another reason (out of so many) why I fell in love with these three is their love for this country! Both mom and dad having fought for our freedoms and these kiddos living without daddy while he is out serving our country made me proud to be their photographer. So many families sacrificing so much for my family's freedom! So many mommas (and daddies!) working around the clock caring for their children alone while the other parent is across the world protecting our country. Momma bought some flags, pretty red white and blue themed dresses and accessories which made for lovely pictures to send to dad!

I hoped he loved him as much as I did!