Cousinly Love.

Downtown Normal! My college stomping grounds - and oh man how much it has changed. Parking garages, a museum, new restraints and hotels! My favorite new addition is the colorful murals on the side of the buildings. When my sister in law Mel asked me to photograph her family and her sisters' families, I suggested downtown normal to change it up from the more nature setting we have done in the past. 

Three families - and 4 cousins under  7! We had so much fun exploring a little bit of the town and splashing in the, also brand new, splash pad with the kiddos. I just loved how the colorful walls added to the silliness and playfulness of the kiddos! 

mel 8.jpg

My sweet nephew Jack is beyond adorable! He is such a fun little guy. 

mel 14.jpg
mel 9.jpg
mel 16.jpg
mel 4.jpg

My sister in law's twin sister recently lost her husband un-expectantly and I wanted to provide her a session at no cost to encourage her to continue capturing memories in the mist of tragedy. These three ladies have gone through so much but are so blessed to have each other during this difficult time. 

mel 7.jpg

The sisterly love is strong here. These girls are always giggling together. 

mel 6.jpg
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They also have a younger sister who has the cutest little girl. She was full of smiles and loved being in front my camera!

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