Pictures in your home.

Who was the photographer in your family growing up? Do you have a lot of pictures of your childhood? Do you remember your picture being taken? Looking back at your old family albums, which pictures standout most to you. Why do they? 

My dad was our family photographer. We don't have many photos of our childhood, but all the photos we have when we were little, he took. There are not many photos of my younger years and I don't have any memories of my photos being taken. I do remember us having a dark room and cherish the few black and white images that we do have. I recently looked through our old family photos and this photo stands out to me. This one was taken before I was born, and was taken in Russia of my brother and my mom. This little picture means so much to me! But, at the time, my mom remembers being annoyed of my dad randomly taking pictures. She did not understand why this moment of her taking a second to relax was so important that it needed capturing. Today, 30 some years later, it is this photo that she also loves. Something about the wall paper (which I btw am in love with and want in my house!), the lamp shade, and the imperfectness of the moment. My mom, a busy pediatrician finally having a second to herself to read, while my brother, a typical boy, making all the noise he can to distract her. Thirty years later, I relate to her in this photo. The desperate NEED for "me time" and little demanding bodies that refuse to give it to you. But also, how fleeting this time is. Now, us kids are grown, with families of our own, and this photo, nothing but a memory. I am so happy my dad chose to capture it. 

This photo takes me right to that moment. I love it more than all the other "sit and smile" photos my dad took. This little photo reminds me of the significance of what I do, and where I want to go with my photography. I want to document my clients in this way. Often times my clients are concerned about what their house looks like, and do not see the importance of lifestyle/documentary sessions in their home, WITH their children. Yet it is these photos that I believe will matter most and that will stand out amongst the perfect posed family portraits that you think are the ones you will cherish.

I want to capture families in this way. In their home, with people, pets and things that are important to them. It seems that this life will last forever as we are today, but we know that it will not. The "ordinary" of today will be nothing but a memory of the past. Allow me to capture it. Your children will thank you.