Flapjacks with the Halls

I am so excited to share with you a super fun flapjack makin' photo session with the Hall family. Jackie and her husband Ryan are also photographers and we traded in home sessions. Often, photographers are not seen in the pictures, and it is so important to be in the memories with out children. I loved being invited into their home to capture their typical Sunday morning, making pancakes as a family.

Jackie and Ryan are parents to three under seven and two fur babies. Big bro wasn't sure about me at first, so sissy and I had fun splashing flour on each other and mixing the ingredients. He quickly saw the mess we were making and joined in to cook and flip the pancakes. The littlest of the three was happy being part of it all from her momma's back. After we finished cooking, Dad poured me a hot cup of joe and I got to enjoy the yummy pancakes! Before I took off, we captured a few moments with all of them together on the couch. The dynamics are so easy to see. The love between mom and dad, the independence of the oldest boy, the closeness between the older sister and her momma and, of course, the littlest of the three just wanting to be the center of it all. 

A perfect Sunday morning if you ask me! Years from now, these kids will love looking back at these photos and remember this beautiful tradition they shared as a family. That lamp on the wall, the art decor and the furniture will help spark their memories of their childhood. For a minute they can relive these precious moments and feel how much they were loved. <3