Loved by Momma

This sweet momma has her hands full with the most delightful baby girl and a very energetic two year old boy! We were up early for their session and met at Bear Creek East Park. The big, old trees provided plenty of shade and allowed beautiful light to seep through the leaves. Most of our session was spent chasing Sir D. as his main goal was to run the opposite direction of the camera, but we still managed to capture some sweet smiles and cuddles along the way. Kids love me.

The 2 yr milestone can be a tricky one to photograph as kids love to RUN and not be restricted. They are too old to stay in one spot but also to young to listen to directions or any reasoning. I happen to love the challenge and this age is one of my favorite to capture. I photograph kids through movement, song, silly games, and plenty of bubbles. Most of the time they think I am just mommy's friend who is here to play with them. ;)

Miss. S is only 6 months old but already sitting like a champ. She absolutely adores her little brother and filled the photo session with the most delightful smiles. 

Please enjoy my favorites!