Sink Bath Sessions

Emma's and Anna's sink bath sessions!

I am in love with these images from my lovely farmhouse sink of Emmalyse (my youngest who is almost 2 here) and Annalise (a girl I nanny who is almost 1).  With my awesome sauce sink and two adorable babes, I got so many fun photos that truly capture these girl's personalities. 

My Emma is so hard to capture as she always wants to run away from me! Being in the sink kept her in place so I could focus on getting some detail shots of her soapy feet. She is not the biggest fan of the camera unlike my older two, but was having too much fun with with soapy bubbles and splashing to notice me taking her photos!

Anna is not yet walking but has been sitting and crawling for awhile now. Baths are a great way to capture this age in a unique way before they are completely walking and running away from your camera like my girl. She had a blast as well with us blowing bubbles at her and soaked up all the attention. 

I just love all the expressions these girls gave me!! Enjoy