A Broncos Birthday Bash!

I had so much fun documenting this "Broncos" themed birthday bash for two sweet cousins! From the amazing, handmade decorations, to the yummy food, a bounce slide AND an Icie truck, everyone was having a blast at this party! But when Miles the Bronco showed up, the kids were beyond themselves with excitement. 

"Broncos" themed Birthday!

What an amazing party! I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking!

This party was planned with so much love and hard work. Look at these homemade decorations and creative munchies!!

colorado event photographer
colorado birthday party photographer

So creative! Right!? Look at these munchies :)

Bronco themed birthday party
Birthday Party Photography

So much laughter and smiles on this bouncy slide!

Fun Birthday Party

A little suprise! Someone special is coming. Who is it????

High Five Miles!! 

Miles the Bronco
Colorado Broncos

Fun for all ages! <3

kingston  40.jpg

These moments are so fun! But I always, always, always make sure to get group shots and pictures with the parents and grandparents!! So important!

The party is NOT over folks. Because it's icie time! It was over 80 degrees this March day in Colorado!! An Icie was very much enjoyed by all! 

They even have sugar free options my friends. This made this sweet guy so happy! He was able to enjoy his very first Icie!!!

They even have sugar free options my friends. This made this sweet guy so happy! He was able to enjoy his very first Icie!!!

Adults are totally digging on this Icie thing ;)&nbsp;

Adults are totally digging on this Icie thing ;) 

and a few more images of all the fun!!!

These kiddos made some great memories!






Congrats 2016 Graduates!

It's that time of year again! A time when we honor our graduates. May they be the littlest of preschoolers or this gorgeous University graduate I recently photographed. All deserve to be celebrated for their hard work and commitment. 

I will admit, looking back, I took my graduation for granted. Maybe because I felt like going to college was "the norm." Maybe I didn't value my degree because my parents paid for it. I didn't feel like I deserved to be celebrated. I didn't feel accomplished.

But I was wrong. Getting a University degree is a privilege! In many countries, girls like myself never get educated let alone have an opportunity to attend a University.  Many parents do not support their children or have the money to pay for their college degrees. A degree represents my dedication and commitment. I may not be using my "International Business" degree by working in a huge corporation but many of the skills I acquired in school help me tremendously with my own photography business.  All the late nights studying, internships, studying abroad made me the hard working and determined person you see today. Not to mention all the relationships and friendships that are still with me today!

Meet Elaf! She is a foreign exchange student from Saudi Aurabia who graduated with a undergraduate degree in Communications from University of Colorado in Colorado Springs {UCCS}. As her photographer, I was able to experience a University graduation ceremony all over again. This time I was able to see how lucky and blessed I was to also have had this experience. I loved seeing how proud her family and friends were of her. Especially her parents who flew in to see her graduate!  Traveling across the world to a country very different from her own and earning a University degree is no easy task and I am proud to have been part of her day. 

Congratulations Elaf. Nothing but the best to you and all the success your future holds. Here are some of my favorites from her day!

A Carnival Extravaganza

Birthday parties! They are so fun to photograph. Everyone is happy! Families and friends are together and, well, it's a joyous time! I am sucker for joyous times!  Best of all, mom and dad get in the pictures and get to enjoy the party stress free, knowing that all the best moments will be captured!

These folks know how to party! A fun filled carnival themed bash full of yummy carnival food, balloon animals, face painters and a bounce house! Did I mention they had an ice cream truck (yes with music) drive by to deliver ice cream for all the kiddos too? Yes!!! So much thoughtfulness and details went into this party and I am so happy that I got to document it all!

Below are some of my faves from the day. Sir. Kingston and his cousin Miss. Kay were celebrating their 7th and 10th birthdays together. They may be cousins but you could sense they are more like brother and sister. Sharing this wonderful party together is surely a memory they will treasure!