All About Ruby

Stepping into this lovely family's house, you could tell that life for them right now was all about Ruby. You could easily tell she is the only child because both mom and dad could not take their eyes off her and mom could not put her down! They are so happy to have her home and in their arms. Miss Ruby has just recently came home from the hospital and mom wanted to make sure to capture Ruby before her oxygen tube was removed. The photographer in me fell in love with this family as soon as she said that! 

Typically, newborn sessions are done within the first 14 days of the baby's life. This is the time they are the most sleepiest and squishiest and can be molded into the cutest of baby poses. Once a baby is a few weeks old, many don't sleep as frequently or as deeply. Often they can start to develop baby acne, eczema as well as other baby issues like colic and acid reflux. That's where I come in. I believe in documenting your story no matter the circumstances! In fact, I want you to embrace the circumstances and photograph them anyway. My goal is not to photograph your baby in the butt up baby pose with props all around, but in your arms, in the things that are special to your baby and to your family.

Miss Ruby had to spend her first few months of life in the hospital and is now three months old! She was wide awake for her session and we embraced it with snuggles and capturing those gorgeous baby blues. We photographed baby Ruby in a little outfit Mom wore when she was a baby and made sure to include props that were special to the family.  Documenting Miss Ruby while she still had her oxygen is the perfect way to show what life is like for her now. Years later, when the oxygen is long gone, this family can re-live these moments that, surprisingly, get forgotten so quickly. Yes new parents! You may think you will never forget these sleepless nights and long days of dirty diapers and around the clock feedings, but it honestly becomes nothing but a blur when all is said and done!

Mom loves all things vintage and timeless, so we photographed Miss. Ruby in many of the things she acquired before baby came. Dad is in the army and they are already getting ready to move to their next assignment. Life changes quickly when you are a military family and I was so happy to be invited into their home to capture this delightful time.