I am so excited to finally have a webpage and a blog for Photography by Milana. Here, I will be blogging my recent sessions, personal experiences, adventures with my three littles, promotions as well as photos from my personal work. 

If you have a second please {LIKE} my Facebook Business page, and follow me on Instagram.  I love to use my Instagram to post photos I take with my iPhone and document my day to day. Getting to know you as a client is my passion. I am genuinely interested in who you are and my goal is to capture the real you with my camera. I believe it helps my clients relax if they get to know a little bit about me and I accomplish this with my Insta account. 

Here is my latest image on Instagram. It was taken with my iPhone 6 and LifeProof waterproof cover. It really came to life in post processing! My littles and I love spending Saturday afternoons swimming at the Y and we have fun taken photos underwater.